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Umbrella Etiquette: 101

Here in the UK, it rains a lot so umbrella etiquette is quite essential. Holding, closing, carrying and shaking off your brolly is a pure art form. So if you want to avoid poking fellow pedestrians in the eye or showering them in rain this one is for you.


Public Transport

If you use public transport a lot, never put your soaking wet brolly on the seat next to you, especially if you own a larger more sturdy umbrella such as a golf umbrella. This is pretty much a highway to a telling off or at least a few tuts and grumbles. Instead, shake off your umbrella outside before and just place it on the floor by your feet. If it's still dripping wet, then it's probably best to put its cover back on so you don't leave a dripping trail behind you which could be a slipping hazard.

Raising And Lowering

When you're navigating your way through busy streets, you need to master the umbrella dance to weave your way around other pedestrians. When we say the umbrella dance it basically involved lifting and lowering your umbrella in sync with the heights of your fellow walkers. Raising it to allow shorter pedestrians to pass by unharmed and lowering or tilting it away from taller people. It’s important to remember here as the holder of the umbrella, It’s you who is in charge of avoiding any clashes.

Opening And Closing

Putting up and closing your umbrella is another crucial part of umbrella etiquette and it can make all the difference between causing fury and having an incident-free outing.

When you are out and about there is probably a chance of wanting to pop into some shops or stop by a tea room. Before you step inside to make sure you shake off as much water as you can, trying to avoid any passerby, and if at all possible leave it at in the store entrance or to store it in its bag so you don't wet the floor while wandering about. Remember to also move to the side of the path when you want to close your umbrella if the rain stops during mid-walk. As for opening your brolly, just make sure there is nobody within touching distance, either in front or behind you.

Brolly In The Middle

Good umbrella etiquette isn't just about dodging mishaps, it’s also about sharing. If you’re with your partner, child or best friend, just use one brolly and put it in between the two of you. This reduces the amount of space being taken up and also catching somebody walking the other way. Letting kids share umbrellas is also a great way to keep them together in a busy public area where it's very easy to get lost in.

So, there you have it simple yet effective umbrella etiquette everyone should keep in mind on their next outing to the busy streets on a wet day

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