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Umbrella Etiquette Out On The Golf Course

Did you ever hear your mother say - be careful with that umbrella or you’ll have somebody’s eye out? That’s not a nice mental image, but she was only saying it because she cared, and basically she was talking about umbrella etiquette.

She was right. It’s all very well staying dry, but if you’re accidentally wielding your umbrella like a weapon, or knocking people over who were innocently standing on the bus stop waiting for the Number 4, you could end up with more to deal with than wet hair.

Let's look at how to avoid an umbrella disaster.

Here’s the first thing. Golf umbrellas were made for the golf course. And on the golf course, they’re perfect. They’re sturdy, strong, they can withstand stormy weather, and they wrap up nicely so that you can store them in your golf bag.

You can also keep one in your car for those impromptu day trips where you find yourself out and about and the clouds start to crowd in, and even on Bonfire night they can come in nicely as a miniature tent for you and a few friends to watch the whizzes and bangs and sparkles without drowning in the cloudburst.

But if you’re walking through a busy town centre, you’ll want to consider more than just your own shelter from the rain. You need to leave the golf umbrella in the car and choose a smaller one that's better for the city. That way you can coexist on the pavement along with the rest of the world.

Now, if you’re going into a shop or a public building with a soaking wet umbrella, remember not to bring all that rainwater in with you. Shake the water off before you enter, or else you’ll introduce a puddle or even a stream indoors for someone else to have to clear up. If there's an umbrella stand put your shaken umbrella in there rather than drenching everyone else's

What’s the etiquette for carrying an umbrella through a busy street? If you can lift it up high above the heads of others, that’s a good option. If your umbrella is small enough not to matter then you can probably get away with a little disruption and people will understand.

But if in doubt, you may just have to put the brolly away and deal with the rain for the sake of others. Or, even better, share it with the nearest stranger who looks like they wish they had one. Your umbrella could be the beginning of a great friendship.

Hopefully that short guide to sensible umbrella use will save you from an avoidable rain-related faux pas!

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