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Umbrella Etiquette: How To Style Your Brolly

In the past, umbrellas were more like just a practical necessity. But nowadays, buying a ladies umbrella is not just about keeping dry. It’s about choosing the style that works with your look, matches your outfit and complements your colour scheme.

Even if most of your daily commute is protected from the elements by cars and coats, having the right ladies umbrella has benefits that are more than just about keeping you dry. We’re talking about umbrellas that will defend you from the weather, but will also complete stylish outfits, and act as accessories.

To start with, it’s probably best to decide to consider what you want from your ladies umbrella. If you need a strong golf style umbrella to survive the elements on a stormy day, that’s a different kind of brolly to the standard or even handbag sized models, which might suit you better. Or do you need more than one for different occasion? Choose a colour that works with your jacket, your favourite shoes, or your work bag.

Here’s one suggestion where you can’t go wrong. Go for a classic black ladies umbrella. After all, it’s the look that works all of the time. It goes with everything, it matches every occasion and you’ll always have it available when you need it without having to pick the colour scheme.

If you just want one solution to cover the times you’re off for a wedding, meeting up with friends in town, or kicking up the leaves on an autumnal walk, a black umbrella stays smart and can be dressed down or up as required.  

Some black umbrellas actually come with patterned interiors anyway, so you miss nothing by choosing a black design. But that’s just one option. Perhaps you like the idea of a transparent ladies umbrella. Perhaps a bubble umbrella with the popular dome shape.

These can have a lot of practical benefits, but it is a definite look for you to carry off, and probably not as subtle as other umbrellas. However, it could be a perfect solution for a big occasion where you want to be seen - a wedding or another big do where you're centre stage.

The great news is the range of styles and shades of ladies umbrella will allow you to mix and match your preferences, and make your own statement.

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