Whatever you're doing and wherever you're going there is no predicting the British weather and what its next move is.

One minute you can be strolling in the sunshine and a shower can hit at the most inappropriate time, leaving you looking wet, windswept and definitely not your best unless you can really pull off the ‘wet look’... in that case, lucky you!

Next time you're round a friend or family members house, take a sneaky look at their coat racks as you will most likely find a mix match of coats and boots but somewhere hidden underneath all of that you will find a trusty umbrella. Often well buried but normally forgotten in the rush of life until it's just too late and the heavens have already opened.

Anyone who likes to look good will always think about their accessories, and the right umbrella for the right occasion is just as important as choosing the appropriate footwear. The best way to cater for all life events is to have a selection of umbrellas for the hooks in your hallway.

This way just as you're leaving the door whether you're dressed to impress or just doing the school run there will be the perfect brolly to compliment your outfit. It's probably a good idea to keep one in the car too as if you're heading to a job interview and you start to see raindrops fall then you will be glad of your umbrella shoved on the backseat.

Keeping it Corporate

Looking the part in any job is important but especially when it comes to first impressions; meeting clients for the first time or even leading a corporate lunch. Turning up to any of these events drowned by the weather is not a good look and can come across as unprofessional.

If you are a working professional, we stock a lot of classic looking umbrella that come in plain black and dark colours to match your more professional attire. These umbrellas come in variations that include storm proof just in case it's a tad windy and also larger canopies if you suddenly become that only person in your group that is carrying an umbrella.

The First Date

If you are meeting someone for a first date who you have liked for a while and finally plucked the courage to ask them out to a nice restaurant, arriving dripping wet from the rain is not a great start, let's be honest.

For this instant, any plain umbrella will do and our umbrellas come in a large collection of colours. You can use this to your advantage as if it's still raining when you leave then they will more than likely want to share your umbrella too so make sure it's big enough for the both of you.

Sunday Morning Golf

A popular way to spend a Sunday morning for a lot of people is out on the golf course with friends. Golfing umbrellas have always been part of the course, so you might feel like you need something a little bit different.

We have a wide range of golf umbrellas that come in all colours of the rainbow so they can fit with any personal style. Our golf umbrellas also have a larger canopy to ensure you and your golfing kit stay dry in all weather conditions.

Umbrellas are a way to impress in so many situations as well as just being practical when it's lashing down with rain. You will be able to keep your poise while all umbrella-less people are rushing around and you will stay suave and sophisticated whatever the circumstances.