We love to see the amazingly creative uses that people have found from umbrellas, and this next story is both heart-warming and beautiful, about how a group of Gustav Holst fans gathered to raise awareness of their favourite tourist attraction, which was flooded previously in the year, armed with some trusty red umbrellas!

Gustav Holst was an English composer, and granted a significant influence onto his fellow younger composers, he was a well-loved man with fine-tuned individual style. The memorial exhibition in his family’s honour is The Holst Birthplace museum in Cheltenham, and has proved a popular tourist attraction for many over the years, before being unfortunately flooded in June of this year. Since then the attraction has faced great difficulty in getting itself back on track with the repairs and the repair workers are currently unsure when they will be able to re-open again.

However, fans of the museum have made a tremendous effort to band together to hold their very own flash mob in support of this critically-acclaimed composer with an eye-catching display of red umbrellas, where the small group were seen twirling through the gardens in a flurry of scarlet! The exhibition was held in the Imperial Gardens, honouring a nearby statue of Gustav, where he himself was also able to join in, raising his very own brightly coloured brolly!

Why not get together your very own flash mob for a cause you care about, it could make for a great feature within any event dancing the day away with your brolly in hand!

Image: Sonny Abesamis under Creative Commons