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Is this the umbrella of the future?

Umbrellas are one of those rare designs that have been left relatively untouched for over one thousand years, but that may change with a new take on umbrella design, with a new futuristic take on the traditional design.

The Air Umbrella looks like something straight out of a science fiction film with jets of air creating a force field around the user, putting an end to problems that can arise with the traditional design. You don’t have to worry about strong winds turning your favourite brolly inside out or poking strangers in the eye as you pass them, but the most important factor is that you will look like you have been transported from the future, even if you are popping out for some milk!

The Air Umbrella will come in three sizes; Version A will be 30cm, Version B, meanwhile, will measure in at 50cm, while version C can scale between 50 and 80cm.


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Photo by: Cnet/Youtube

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