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How The Umbrella Has Gone From Just A Practical Essential To A Fashion Accessory

The umbrella is a thing of beauty, both aesthetically and mechanically. There’s something truly alluring about the shape and engineering of this common household item, so it’s interesting that for so long its been just something we often take for granted.

The whole point of an umbrella is about taking shelter from the rain, of course, but those who love umbrellas as accessories will tell you there’s far more to it than that. 

The classic Mary Poppins black umbrella is iconically associated with being straight-laced and British. However, recently in London, there was a fashion show in celebration of the humble umbrella, and it included a rainbow of colours and fabrics, luxurious features and ground-breaking designs. It just showed that umbrella use doesn't just depend on the weather.

With the perfect style, an umbrella or parasol can highlight a wedding outfit and create a memorable photographic opportunity for the album. Even at the evening reception, touches of glitz and glamour can be introduced with a carefully chosen model, with echoes of the imagery of 1950s Hollywood and screen icons such as Audrey Hepburn. 

You only have to think back to the ornate handles and trimmings of the golden age of cinema to come up with your own inspiration. Whether you favour the slick and formal plaid versions carried by stereotypical gents, charmers and spies, the brightly coloured versions spinning in the sunshine, or the romantically lace-edged parasols, there are umbrellas to suit all personalities and occasions. Remember, it’s how you carry any accessory that makes all the difference. You have to carry your umbrella with confidence.

Can you remember the iconic umbrella scene from Singin’ in the Rain? Of course, you can. It’s just about the most famous example of an on-screen brolly. But can you describe the umbrella? We had to check ourselves! (It was black with a hooked wooden hand.) Umbrellas are like that. They can come to life in the right hands.

Of course, just any old umbrella isn’t going to do it. You can’t just rock up to your local high street chemist and pick up a cheap brolly and expect it to transform your whole wardrobe. An off-the-rack pattern in an unappealing fabric and a shape that is run-of-the-mill is likely to date your outfit and smack of pragmatics and money saving over good taste. But choose well and your umbrella accessory doesn’t have to cost the earth. Find a supplier that provides quality umbrellas in a range of styles and shades, and even a simple one can make all the difference.

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