You know those cheap umbrellas that are always at the side of the road in a storm, or shoved into a bin? Just a quick question - are any of those yours? Just asking because, if you’ve chosen to read this because you’ve often found yourself owning a cheap umbrella that doesn’t last the season, then perhaps it’s about time you got yourself a better taste in rainy day protection. It doesn’t have to be like this. Did you know, there are actually other umbrellas on the market that don’t cost the earth, and could save you from having to reinvest every single time there’s another storm.

It's okay, we know its not your fault. Cheap umbrellas are always breaking. That's because the mechanism and manufacture is complex, with more moving parts than most household objects. How many parts would you say an umbrella has? The answer is around 150. That’s why it doesn’t take much for your cheap umbrella to end up in a crumpled heap just when you needed it most. Take a deep breath and walk away. It's time.

Umbrellas suffer from a variety of injuries during the rainy season. First off, the metal ribs that hold the umbrella fabric in place aren't always strong enough. They’re joined with intricate metal parts that have to handle a lot of grief from the elements. It doesn’t take much for things to strain and break apart. We’ve all seen umbrellas where the end has snapped or fallen off, the fabric has torn, or the handle fallen off the end.

Wherever you buy your umbrella, you'll want to make sure the handle is strong, the connections are built to last and the frame and canopy are designed to withstand reasonable gusts of wind. After all, we rarely get just one weather condition at a time. An umbrella with a double canopy will be vented to allow wind to pass through as well as protecting you from the rain. Perfect if you live in the UK.

The bottom line is that if you buy cheap umbrellas there’s not much you can do to keep yourself armed and dry in a storm except to buy a whole lorry load of them. But seriously, we always recommend you find yourself a decent make, with strong parts, quality materials, and basic features that will save you from the worst weather conditions rather than succumb to them. Choose a colour you love, and take care of your new rainy day friend so that it will take care of you. Have a look at our range and you’ll be showered with choice….