The Leafxpro looks like something from a sci-fi film but in fact is just a see through umbrella that attaches to your bike and allows you to get out and about, no matter what the weather is doing.

The idea came about after the creators were fed up with only being able to ride their bikes in sunny weather, which can be sparse with the notoriously great British weather.

The Leafxpro kit is modular so that the user can adjust the degree of protection depending on all kind of weather conditions when attached to their bike. Two accessories can be attached to the Leafxpro; the Storm Accessory provides rear and side protection to the rider and the two side panels can be detached through a couple of zippers. The Baby Accessory allows protection to children transported in their baby seats. This accessory can also be combined with the Storm Accessory to provide safety to both the rider and the child.

We certainly have been waiting for this, no more excuses not to drag the kids out for those family Sunday bike rides now… no matter the weather!

See the umbrella in action

See the umbrella in action here.



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Photo by: Leafxpro