It may seem obvious that an umbrella's primary use is to keep you dry, making it a bit of a one-trick pony, but there are some other more surprising uses for this seemingly every day object...


Umbrellas have a unique shape which can be perfect for art installations. Using a bit of creative license, you can turn an umbrella into something quite beautiful.

During Milan Design week in 2007, one artist created a large display of white umbrellas lit from underneath by white light bulbs and suspended high in the air; the result was a Chinese lantern effect, demonstrating the quaint and quirky way umbrellas can be used as art.

Another funky, free-standing exhibit in a Japanese mall gives a fairytale feel as the umbrellas look like they are floating in mid-air. The illusion is created using tiny, almost invisible wires to connect the umbrellas to the ceiling. The umbrellas are brightly decorated making it unusual and ethereal; adding a touch of magic to an every day item. Click to view an umbrella used as inspiration for a piece of art.

Umbrellas are practical and the basic design has remained largely unchanged since its invention, but there are a few people out there who feel it's time for a change-up. You can find, for instance, 'shoe umbrellas' which you can attach to each foot for that special pair that you simply cannot get wet - although we are unsure of what happens in the event of a puddle! Or perhaps you are a photographer who specialises in rainy shots? Well now you can buy an umbrella specifically for cameras which attaches on your camera in the event of a can't-miss thunderstorm shot.
With so many odd innovations out there, the mind boggles at what the next customisation could be for the humble Jollybrolly.

Umbrellas are not new to the world of fashion, with hundreds of high end designers contributing a lot of time to outdoor accessories. However, with great deals on personalised umbrellas and a wide range of vibrant colours, it's not just high end fashionistas who can use their umbrella to make a statement. It is a great way of adding a splash of your personality to your outdoor wardrobe and an even better way of bringing some brightness to a dark and rainy day.


With winter round the corner, now is the best time to update your umbrella to match what you will be wearing over the upcoming season. And with great deals to be had here, you can have a different colour umbrella for every mood and occasion!


There are hundreds of original, fun and quirky ways of using your umbrella for something other than its primary use and with all sorts of great designs and colours for you to choose from; perhaps you'll see a rainy day in a whole new light.