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Photographer creates stunning umbrella photo series

An award winning photographer has recently generated a lot of buzz for his photo series incorporating the umbrella into his street photography.

Marius Vieth created the series “Under My Umbrella” where he takes candid photographs in the street when it’s raining, a moment he says are crazier than normal and the light bounces off surfaces in a different way. His use of colour, light and texture create a great back drop for the focal point of his image, the umbrella.

As soon as it starts raining everyone runs for cover apart from a hardy few, who are well equipped to brave the elements. With the umbrella as the focal point you can really see the energy that comes with the rain. He captures a variety of scenes in his work from young people jumping around in the rain, men furiously trying to avoid the puddles, just married couples hand in hand hiding under their bridal umbrellas and some are even just dancing in the rain reminiscent of Gene Kelly.

Ultimately it captures human behavior and the natural elements in today’s urban world, The town and the city skylines are the stage for his work, the people and the umbrella are his props that create vivid colours and magical every day scenes.

If you feel inspired by his imagery and want to create your own umbrella art work or simply don’t want to be caught out on the morning school run then Jolly Brolly can cater to all your needs.

To view the series ‘Under My Umbrella’ click here.


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