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The Umbrella Project charity event begins again in April

From April 29 – May 1 an Arizona shopping mall, Hillside Sedona, will be home to over 200 painted umbrellas that will be displayed and available to buy for a donation. The Umbrella Project has been running since 1990.

The umbrellas have been painted by children and students from all across America, and will feature landscapes, patterns, portraits and more. The Umbrella Project is a great way for kids all across Arizona and America to get involved with a worthy charity event and is held every year to support different causes.

The umbrellas that have been painted by the children are sold by donation. Previous events have raised money for those effected by the Japan earthquake and tsunami, Indian Ocean earthquake and the Haitian earthquake. This year the money is being raised for local schools to buy much needed classroom supplies and technology.

Hillside Sedona is home to art galleries, unique boutiques, gourmet restaurants and locally owned shops. The colourful range of umbrellas that will be displayed will bring even more visitors to the mall.

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