‘The Umbrella Sky Project’ has just been unveiled once again this summer as part of the annual Agitagueda Art Festival in Portugal, and we think it is looks incredible!

For the months of July, August and September, you will find small streets hiding under a colourful canopy of beautiful umbrellas in Agueda, Portugal that make up ‘The Umbrella Sky Project’.

The art instillation provides shade and shelter during the warmer months for any visitors and creates a geometric pattern that is simply stunning from every angle. All in all, it creates a very unique piece of art that can be enjoyed as the sunshine creates a speckled pattern on the ground. There are even workshops and fitness activities that take place in the shaded areas, adding an extra aspect of functionality to the shadow-casting domes.

‘The Umbrella Sky Project’ began in 2007 in Portugal as part of the Agitagueda Art Festival, an event that celebrates local culture and arts, and the artwork has since been replicated in other cities such as Lisbon. These instillations create such a beautiful canopy, whilst protecting the people from all aspects of the weather with a colourful shadow show. The umbrellas are hung from strings which are attached to rooftops, proving to be a low-cost, high impact exhibition that attracts visitors, increases trade and offers a very aesthetically pleasing sight!

We think that an umbrella canopy would be a stunning addition to any wedding or event, proving fantastic for photographs as well as keeping you dry from any sudden downpours! We have a wide variety of coloured wholesale umbrellas that could help you to create your very own replica “Umbrella Sky Project”, so why not take a look today?