Umbrellas are a wonderful invention, we all know that, but normally they are used for shielding us from the showers. However, it would seem that their uses reach further than merely preventing us from getting damp following the rescue of a dolphin in China.


A number of helpful and selfless villagers came to the rescue of a stranded dolphin, using their initiative and resolute determination to help the amazing mammal in its time of distress.

This particular poor mammal was discovered on a beach in Hainan, an island province of China, and when found villagers tried several times to get the distressed dolphin back into the sea, but for some reason it just kept swimming back to the shore.

Remaining defiant, they improvised, using a number of golf umbrellas to protect the dolphin from the sun, and then ferried water from the ocean, using a bucket, to pour on the stranded mammal.

Fortunately, they were able to keep the dolphin alive long enough for the marine experts to arrive on scene and transport it to a wildlife rescue centre, where it was given appropriate treatment.

Staff at the facility believe the dolphin became stranded on the beach because it has a problem with its natural, inner navigation system. We think it liked the idea of relaxing on the beach in the shade of an umbrella, but what do we know?!