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Umbrellas make a new world record

University students from Malaysia have set a new world record, using umbrellas, as they created an enormous heart.

4,000 umbrellas were used to make the huge heart, and the event was intended to teach the importance of sharing and love, symbolising how you share umbrellas when out in the rain.

The record will be marked in the Malaysia Book of Records, as the umbrella heart was 75 metres long and 60 metres wide. 200 volunteers took part in making it a world record.

The umbrellas were tied together so they would not blow away, as the event was held in an open area.

Project director Tan Kar Yap said that though the act of sharing umbrellas was common, the project gave a deeper meaning to the students, as they learned the importance of sharing when doing the project.

Why not grab one of our many coloured umbrellas, and have some fun with it like these students did? Also, remember to share your umbrella with friends on a rainy day!

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Photo by: Jacs Henderson

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