Sports Fashion
Sports used to be just that - sports. An arena where the best of the best compete with, well, the best of the best and where sweaty faces and dirty fingernails prevail over high end fashion and immaculately groomed men and women. No more! Sports is arguably one of the best advertising environments for high end fashion with high profile sports such as tennis, boxing and golf yielding audience numbers in the tens of millions around the world. It makes sense with that kind of audience, to get sports stars wearing your brand - and so sports fashion has experienced its meteoric rise in recent years.
One arena where sports fashion - and money - are extremely prevalent is in golf. And to this end, sports giant Nike has recently won an award for its golf attire, voted for by over 700 UK golfers as the most stylish brand. Read the article here.

Traditional golfing kit includes golf trousers, a polo shirt, golf shoes and a cap for shading players from the sun. Popular accessories (in addition to a players' set of clubs of course!) include golf bags and ball cases, and it's all topped off with the trusty golf umbrella - of which we have a large selection available to browse. Our golf umbrellas come in a range of solid colours or you can also view our multi-coloured option here.

It's going to be a jolly Christmas for Nike!