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Umbrellas Vs Coats - Which One Is Better?

With winter fast approaching, here in the UK, we can expect to see a lot more grey days and rain. Just a quick walk to the shops can end in a soggy disaster if you get caught in one of the unpredictable downpours.

With these turns in events, it will make you need to start taking your coat or umbrella with you at all times. But which is most useful to have to hand during our busy lifestyles? We don't have the time and space to carry around both.

To settle this discussion, we will go into the pros and cons of both an umbrella and coat and see just who comes out on top.


A raincoat will, of course, provide the utility of a normal jacket that you would wear all year round but with the added efficiency of a water shield. Raincoats provide the necessary protection needed for any unannounced rain shower and give you pretty much maximum protection from getting wet and let's face it you are always going to remember your massive raincoat hanging on the back of your chair at work rather than your umbrella which is often left standing in the corner of the room.

However, what raincoats do lack umbrellas make up for it? For example carrying around your coat with you just in case, it rains is a bit more of a hassle rather than getting an umbrella that can easily be compact and fit into your handbag.

Another con for raincoats is that although most of them come with hoods how many of us had either had to hold the hood in place or just keeps falling off due to the slightest gust of wind.


Umbrellas are often more favoured than raincoats due to their compatibility and ease of use. You don't need to faff around looking for the arms or putting in on the wrong way round as a simple push of a button and you are sheltered from what the rain clouds has to throw at you.

Umbrellas also give you the protection you need without having to cover up your outfit which you might have spent quite a while putting together as let's face it most raincoats are pretty unflattering. Umbrellas will also make sure that your hair will stay on point on your travels in the wet outdoors which is something a hood can never assure you especially if there is a slight gust of wind.

Although here at jollybrolly we sing umbrellas praises there are some cons for them which we will admit. Umbrellas we understand do not provide the warmth and full body coverage as what a raincoat does and let's face it if you do get a cheap and cheerful one then it will probably keep you dry for 5 minutes until it gets turned inside out due to some of their more flimsy structures. But invest in a more durable or storm-proof brolly and you can be good for a long time to come.

Overall we will always prefer an umbrella over a raincoat, they are easier to transport, more stylish and overall can offer you a fair bit more protection so with this arguments we say the umbrellas wins!

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