When winter rolls in we can expect a fair few downpours, which has been clearly evident this year. A question that often springs up in regards to rainy days like this is whether you are better off bracing the rain in a raincoat or opting to keep dry under an umbrella?


Umbrellas have a lot of pros that can make you feel a bit more differently about opting to run outside in just your coat (which a lot of us are guilty of!).

Firstly, umbrellas are small, can be easily transported and stored away in your handbag or rucksack- so, if the weather suddenly turns you have a way of keeping dry. They are designed primarily to keep you dry for when there is a downpour. When considering the size of the umbrella it’s best to think about where you live and what you will be using it for. If you are commuting daily in a city or town a big golf umbrella, although providing amazing coverage, may be a little inconvenient and heavy. Whilst if you are lucky enough to be living in the countryside and enjoy walking the dogs with your partner, golf umbrellas are perfect for you both to snuggle underneath.

Ultimately umbrellas are better for downpours as the rain will slide straight off the canopy and away from you. Good quality coats can keep your body dry and warm, but these coats often cost the world, and many other coats can often become wet through after a heavy downpour, if not protected by an umbrella. This means that when you reach work or home, you have to hang your coat up somewhere for it to dry- which can often take ages! Whilst with your umbrella, many workplaces and shops provide you with a place at the entrance to store your wet umbrellas.

If you’re making your way through a busy town, with just a coat on, you are often restricted to ‘hoodie’ vision which results in you bumping into a lot of people on your journey. Whilst your bags get soaking, and can easily get ruined and break!

If you want to prepare for the weather this winter, invest in a good quality umbrella to keep you dry and snug!