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Update Your Wardrobe This Autumn

October is in full swing! But while some of us are still mourning the loss of the summer for another year, many are celebrating the shopping opportunities that the new seasons bring with it.

Autumn and Winter calls for a wardrobe refresh, but what essentials for the new season should you be investing in? Thankfully JollyBrolly is here to provide you with an overview of the key pieces that will see you through the cold snap.


We all know just how unpredictable the British weather can be, so it’s better to be safe than sorry and not leave home without an umbrella in hand. It’s always worth spending a little bit more money on an umbrella you know you can actually depend on, the last thing you want it to be caught out mid-downpour with a broken umbrella.

Golf umbrellas are ideal when the wind is fully against you, but there are also storm-proof umbrellas available too just in case those winds were a little stronger than what you anticipated. For the more fashion forward of us, you can get umbrellas to match the time of year, think about darker florals or rich checks as who said umbrellas can’t be a fashion accessory too.


During the autumnal months, the temperatures remain fairly mile, so don’t feel like you need to reach out for your thick woolly scarf just yet. Instead, opt for a more lightweight scarf in an autumnal check shad. Think reds, navy and greens. The perfect accessory for both men and women, you can wear it loosely around your neck with an open coat or jacket for effortless early autumnal style.


When it comes to coats, there's only one that will help transition from summer to autumn: the classic trench coat. This is because they are thin enough to keep you cool in the milder weather but still offer enough protection from those pesky showers. The trench coat is super versatile: perfect when worn over your suit or smarter work attire, or with a more relaxed check shirt and jeans for those more off-duty days. When the winter chill finally arrives, it’s time to swap the trench coast for a super cosy down jacket. Padded jackets are well insulated, providing exceptional warmth in even the coldest conditions.


We fully got rid of the knitwear during what seemed like the summer the lasted forever, but knitwear is coming back!! Opt for the finer knits in early autumn before digging out the more chunky winter cable knits in time for the colder weather. Don’t shy away from the patterns either, especially around Christmas time!

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