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US President Barack Obama drove through a couple’s Wedding ceremony.

The President of the United States drove his golf cart through a couple’s Wedding ceremony.

The couple, Brian and Stephanie Tobe, were getting married at The Lodge, Torrey Pines in San Diego, when they discovered the President was finishing his round of golf at the venue’s 18th hole.

Deciding to hold off from their ceremony the couple waited for the President to finish his game, before rushing to meet the prestigious leader.

Wedding photographers Jeff and Erin Youngren explained ‘After Obama finished his round, the bride and groom, followed by friends and family, rushed to shake hands with their surprise wedding guest. And take photos. Of course.’

The president, who recently celebrated his 23rd wedding anniversary, kindly stopped for a few photographs with the excited bride and groom and even offered a few words of advice: “Oh, can’t put your foot on a wedding dress there,” the president stated to the nervous groom.

It seems that Mr Obama’s presence at the ceremony was extremely positive, according to photographer Erin: “In fact, the mood became so fun, laid back, and celebratory, that it was one of the most joyful weddings we’ve ever been at – ever.”

How amazing is that?

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Image: Hoshie available via Creative Commons

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