Valentine’s Day is looming and if you’re one of a happy couple, it can be the most romantic and special day of the year.  If you’re single, it’s the annoying time of year when the sympathetic smiles come out in full force and the fluffy bears and huge pink hearts adorn every storefront. Of course, being in a relationship for the year’s most romantic day is great, but there’s no reason why being single on February 14th can’t be just as fun! As usual, Jollybrolly is here to help!

Patron Saint of Love

Valentine’s Day has often been cited as the day for lovers to celebrate their passion for one another with romantic meals, flowers and the obligatory not-to-be-shared chocolates.  However, the origins of this day are slightly less romantic.  St. Valentinus was jailed for performing the weddings of soldiers who were not allowed to get married and, during his imprisonment, he supposedly healed the daughter of a jailer.  A rumour then followed that before his execution, he wrote to the daughter and signed the letter “Your Valentine”.

The modern version of Valentine’s Day that we still enjoy was first conceived during the Middle Ages when the idea of courting became popular.  Then, in the 18th century, February 14th became the day that lovers shared their feelings for each other.  The hand-written love notes of days gone by have made way for the mass-produced Valentine’s cards we have become accustomed to.  We know why it has become a day for lovers, but why do single people get the sympathy smile so often?

Make Your Own Valentine’s Day

For some people, the thought of  a single person spending Valentine’s Day alone is a horror only remedied by gallons of Haagen Dazs and Bridget Jones’ Diary on repeat.  However, that cliché has gone out the window in recent years as men and women enjoy single life and look at Valentine’s Day as the perfect occasion to do whatever they want.

For this year’s single ladies, there is one event that seems to be getting hearts racing – the release of Fifty Shades of Grey.  The book was insanely popular and gave rise to a whole new mainstream view on submissive relationships.  The film is released on February 14th, but we have a feeling there will be many more singles in the audience than couples, so why not get your single friends together and ring in the occasion with some a bit of onscreen naughtiness.

On Valentine’s Day, most restaurants are booked up with tables for two and bars are often propped up by canoodling couples who just cannot get a room, but there is no reason why staying home can’t be just as fun.  Why not host a Valentine’s party exclusively for your single friends; it can be a great chance to reconnect with friends who you may not have seen much of over the festive season, and perhaps love might blossom between some of your single friends – or even yourself!

Valentine’s Day has an ancient legacy that may have become swamped in commercialism in recent decades, which can make single people feel somewhat left out.  Having said that, it is at the beginning of a new year and therefore the perfect time to embrace your single life with a new optimism.