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Visvim releases $8,000 Atelier Umbrella

One of their latest designs is the Atelier Umbrella using carefully sourced materials and over 6 months of Parisian craftsmanship and sheer hard work.

The umbrella retails at the same price of a new small car, and you would think that this would be one of those designs that incorporates a lot of diamonds and gold to bump the price up to its $8,000 retail cost. Surprisingly, this luxurious fashion accessory is made of beech wood, brass tipped rattan, skein-dyed cotton threads and a canopy that is made from a fish oil tanned goat leather.

It’s the carefully chosen materials and craftsmanship that push this every day accessory to a luxury item that only few would be willing to pass their credit over the till for. It would certainly be a bold statement shell out that much money and then taking it out into the elements, but then if you are the person to spend $8,000 on an umbrella you’re not going to be too bothered if it gets wet, in fact if you spend $8,000 on an umbrella, you probably wouldn’t be too annoyed if you left it in local pub.

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