Over 500 students of Rajiv Gandhi College of Arts, Science and Commerce at Vashi sector 10A in India held a colourful 'Umbrella Rally' recently in order to drive home the support and awareness of Road Safety.

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Holding an array of different coloured umbrellas, including the popular purple umbrella, each displayed messages regarding road traffic safety and were held up by the young students as they walked from Shivaji Chowk to Centre One in Vashi.

''Since it is currently monsoon season, we decided to do something more useful and painted our umbrellas with vibrant colours and messages like `Don't drink and drive', 'Speed thrills but kills' among others,'' said a participant at the rally.

The local traffic police showed their appreciation of the efforts from the students who took some time off their hectic academic schedule to do this creative and much needed rally.
Road accidents are rife in the area, and with the vivid injection of colourful, imaginative and attractive use of hundreds of umbrellas, they got their message across to bring attention to the cause they are promoting.