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Wacky and wonderful wedding themes to inspire you

Though your wedding doesn’t really need a theme and no matter how you celebrate it, it will be special to you as a couple. But themes are growing in popularity, and it is a great way to help you come up with ideas for decoration, food, dresses and suits and even the venue. What’s more, share your unique personalities with the guests, and they will love experiencing a completely different type of wedding.

First of all, you need to choose the theme. Make it meaningful to you and your other half, and make sure it is something you both want. Then introduce the theme to your guests through the save the dates, invitations, favours and so on. Remember – the food and music can also reflect your theme, and it is ok to go all-out with your theme!

Geeky themes

These are becoming hugely popular and can take on all shapes and sizes. You can choose to base it around your favourite game, like World of Warcraft or Dungeons & Dragons, or make it fun with some LEGO. Then there are the films, such as Harry Potter and Star Wars, or TV shows such as Doctor Who, Star Trek and Game of Thrones. There are endless sci-fi and fantasy themes to follow, and even if you have seen tonnes of other Star Wars themed weddings, just remember yours will be totally different again!

Historical themes

Vintage and retro-style weddings are always popular, and you can get really creative with the clothes here too. There are medieval themes where the bride can kitted-out in a corset and have the guests drinking lots of tankards of mead, or go further back with a Viking theme. Or, add some top-hats and elegance with a Victorian theme. Draw inspiration from books and period dramas to get every detail look as accurate as you can.

Music themes

Music themes depend on what you like as a couple, and you can be sure your guests will love it. How about rock n roll or punk, heavy metal or grunge? Head back to the swingin’ sixties or the Rockabilly style of the 1950s and make your dresses and hair connected to the theme too. The best part of a defined music theme wedding is you don’t have to worry about what type of band you should go for!

Venue themes

More and more people are opting for an alternative wedding venue rather than a hotel, and the venue can shape your whole theme. Some people have opted for an aquarium, a zoo or a bowling alley. Then there are parks, forests or gardens weddings for those who love being outdoors. You could also choose a bar – perfect for a ‘no kids’ wedding!

Spooky themes

A spooky theme is not for everyone, but they can be so much fun to take part in, and it provides a perfect chance to let your hair down. As well as the obvious Halloween theme, there are goth weddings, weddings at a haunted house, a Tim Burton-style wedding, a Day of Dead theme, horror-film weddings and so much more. Just remember to wear something black, a usual no-no for a wedding!

Spiritual or religious theme

It is fairly common for a wedding to have a religious or spiritual aspect to it, such as it being held in a church, or the blessing carried out in a temple. But if you and your partner are spiritual or religious people, then why not embrace it and make it your wedding theme. This can range from Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Sikh, Muslim, a secular wedding, interfaith, Pagan or Wicca. The ideas are endless, and guests will definitely love exploring this side of you.

These ideas are just the tip of the iceberg; there are endless ideas which can give you inspiration for your wedding day. You might like the idea of 1920s style, or rain and rainbows – the perfect opportunity to use some gorgeous wedding umbrellas from Jollybrolly!

Image by Geoff Caddick/PA Wire

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