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WAE: Wedding Acronyms Explained

Timesavers everywhere will love our blog this week, as we look at some of the hilarious acronyms applied to weddings., a one stop shop for men planning their stag dos, recently compiled a list of wedding acronyms that are sure bring a few LOLs, and we’ve added a few of our own!

Short & Sweet

When planning a wedding, from the initial stages right up until the day of the ceremony, there are all manner of things to remember – perhaps some quick and easy acronyms can help! There are a few staple terms that can be shortened for ease such as:
FOTB/MOTB: Father Of The Bride/Mother Of The Bride
H2B: Husband To Be
BM: Best Man
MOH: Maid Of Honour
HM: Honeymoon
STD: …no, not what you’re thinking, it’s actually Save The Date.

These little more traditional acronyms can be used to speed up the planning process, through texting and note-taking, however had a few, slightly different ideas of what some of them could mean…

Hidden Meanings listed their own versions of some popular abbreviations and what they could mean at a wedding. Some of our favourites include:
FYI: Forgot Your Invitation
UPS: Unwanted Present Smile
OMG: Obligatory Mental Guest
SNOB: Seated Near Open Bar
SW: Shotgun Wedding
NSFW: Never Say you’ll Film the Wedding

Jollybrolly’s Own

Using acronyms to help your sort out your wedding – or to help communicate the more unspeakable comments you want to make – is a fun and handy way of speeding things up. Of course, we at Jollybrolly are aware that with changing weather potentially affecting the big day, some weather abbreviations are definitely needed! We suggest:
WU: Wedding Umbrella
JBW: Jollybrolly Wedding
WWP: Wet Wedding Pictures
BWGI: Brolly Was a Good Idea
BAB: Bring A Brolly

Have you got acronyms – serious or otherwise! – that help you plan a big event? Get in touch and let us know.

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