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WATCH: Could this new smart weather stand be the future for weather warnings?

This incredible creation could help ensure that you are never caught leaving the house unprepared on those rainy days. A combination of RaspberryPi technology with a standard umbrella stand creates an incredible alert system for you as you leave the house, letting you know if you will be needing an umbrella!

The RaspberryPi is a credit card sized, single board computer, originally created to promote the education of basic computer science in schools. These computers are incredibly cheap and easy to get hold of as well as educational and fun! They can be programmed to run just like a fully functional computer and can hold additions to the board such as cameras, extra memory, fans and lights. All this is powered by a tiny circuit board; they really are quite incredible.

For this smart umbrella stand to work, the RaspberryPi will need to be programmed with a weather forecasting system and you will need to make a few extra modifications to the board such as a buzzer, motion sensor and an expansion board. This can then be programmed to signal a siren to let you know if you will be needing your umbrella, triggered by the motion sensor as you open the front door. With the compact size of the Pi system, it can be subtly attached to the umbrella stand, meaning you’ll never have to check the weather yourself!

Watch this incredible system in action below:

If you are somewhat of a technology wiz, why not try and make your very own smart umbrella stand as a new home for your white umbrella and ensure you are never caught off guard again?

Video: Blocks and Spots/YouTube

Image: Ayaita/Creative Commons

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