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WATCH: New solar power umbrella prototype can cool you down

The very latest in umbrella technology has arrived and it is quite incredible, combining several handy tools into one solar powered umbrella to make long journeys in the heat more bearable.


The original use for the design was to help Muslims who were taking part in a pilgrimage to Mecca, the long journey can be exhausting and strenuous, as well as very hot. The features of the umbrella include a fan, three USB ports, and GPS, all powered by the solar panels on the umbrella cage which would substantially increase the comfort of those embarking on such a tremendous journey!

This would mean that people could charge their phones, stay cool and find their way all through the one gadget, that can also protect them from the elements. It’s an all-inclusive technological masterpiece, which is currently looking for funding so that the project can be rolled

The simple styling meets its utilitarian purpose, and takes the umbrella back to its roots, when it was first used to block out the sunlight, with the combined use of rain sheltering and many other handy extras.

Take a look at the video below to see more of this wild new umbrella.

Is this the best umbrella you could imagine, catering to all weather possibilities? Or do you prefer the more traditional umbrella styles? Let us know!

Video: FaithMattersUK/YouTube

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