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WATCH: Woman’s life saved by an umbrella

An unidentified woman in southern Serbia has been caught on camera, falling down a manhole and being miraculously saved by her umbrella!

A poor elderly woman was just taking a walk along a street, under the cover of her umbrella in the rain when she lost her footing and fell. This little mishap led to her gliding quite gracefully into an open man-hole. As the video shows, there were waterworks taking place at the time and this lead to the incident.

Thankfully, the robust structure of her blue umbrella was caught by the open hole as the dear woman grasped on below ground for her life. The umbrella acted as a signal for help to passers-by, leading to her rescue moments later, as the video below shows.

Watch here:

Thankfully the unsuspecting woman was recovered from the manhole with only minor injuries.

The video was caught on CCTV by a local shop and shows quite a dramatic event along a quiet road!

The waterworks company say they have launched an investigation as to the events leading up to the incident to prevent further accidents at the site.

It just goes to show; a brolly might be able to save you from more than just the rain! If you’re looking to buy umbrellas online, we have a wide range available to keep you safe from whatever the weather might bring.

Video and screenshots credit to: Amazing Amazing via YouTube

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