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Water-Repellent Umbrella Shakes Dry In Seconds

Umbrellas may be handy and keep us dry, but how many times have you become angered when you notice that they have dripped and made your surroundings soaked wet through! Trains, buses, shops, offices, home hallways and many other places have all been victims to the only week spot in the umbrellas defence, the run off from the outside elements!

Designer Kazuya Koike couldn’t help but think how much easier and nicer life would be if your umbrella could also stay dry, and so the ‘unnurella’ was born.

The Osaka-based designer collaborated with Japanese materials manufacturer Komatsu Seiren on the umbrella, which is made with an ultra high-density fabric. When open, it has a span of about 46 inches and folds down to 10 inches long when closed. The non-slip silicone handle helps maintain a solid grip.

With this product, Koike is tackling a design problem that has eluded many designers: the soggy umbrella. Some approached it by building a bizarre exoskeleton that folds the umbrella inward; others have approached the problem with an over-engineered case that collects water. This umbrella refreshingly doesn't look that different from your average umbrella

The company’s statement on their magnificently designed creation is:

“Working in collaboration with Komatsu Seiren, an acknowledged fabric company worldwide, we have managed to develop a remarkably high-dense fabric that achieved the highest attainable level in water repellence tests set by the Japanese Industrial Standards. The light and smooth fabric also shut out 99% of ultraviolet rays without any additional UV protection coating.”

To view the full specifications click here, to see the umbrella in action here.

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Photo by: Sonny Abesamis

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