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Waterproof Your Monday Outfit

A weekend at home sounds perfect when it rains outside. You’re warm and snuggly and have nothing to worry about... Then, Monday arrives, and you have to brave the weather. Now, we’ve all had the awful experience being soaked in the rain. Sometimes just having an umbrella doesn't cut it! Be it monsoon or one of those surprise showers, it’s always good to be prepared.



As umbrella shop experts we know a bit or two about weather protection and are willing to share our knowledge. Here’s how to create a stylish but rain appropriate outfit...

1. Trench Coat
The trench coat is a staple in style for a reason. You can pair it with everything - jeans, a short dress, a long skirt - it will always look interesting. It’s the one piece of clothing every woman needs in her wardrobe.

2. Hat
You can pretty much find a right hat for any outfit and they come useful on those gloomy days when it never really rains but the air is filled with moisture or constant drizzle.

3. Umbrella
When we say umbrella, we mean a stylish ladies umbrella that will make you proud to carry it everywhere. A brolly is a must. There’s absolutely no need for a boring black brolly - choose a ladies walking umbrella or a street style favourite - see through, bubble umbrella.

4. Raincoat
Some days, you need more than just a ladies walking umbrella. You will know what this means if you ever got drenched in a full-blown monsoon. Like umbrellas, raincoats have also gotten better, and you will be pleasantly surprised with the options out there. Fashionable or not, you need one of them to survive monsoons.

5. Boots
The safest option are the classic Hunter boots that bring back festival memories but even if they don't go with your outfit - there is nothing worse than going around in trousers soaked in mud and rain or worse: wet feet. Hunter or other brand, carry a pair to change after you’re indoors, but these are a must.

6. Waterproof Bag
Another thing on the list that might seem frivolous. However, If you carry your electronic devices like laptop or tablet with you all the time, invest in a laptop sleeve made with nylon or anything else that is waterproof. And, ensure that your actual bag is waterproof as well. Double layer it just to be doubly sure.


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