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Waterproof Your Wedding Day With These Tips 

Weddings aren’t always about bright sunshine. Living in Britain we know how unpredictable the weather can be, and how you can’t always be sure to pick a date that’s going to be warm and dry. But fear not, there are many ways you can prepare for the worst conditions and ensure your wedding day is waterproof.

A wedding umbrella is a good idea, whether as an accessory, a parasol, or a belt-and-braces approach to staying dry. Have a big beautiful wedding umbrella on hand for the photos, just in case there are a few drops of rain and you want to protect your hair and outfit. Even if you don’t use it, it’s worthwhile having it there on hand for peace of mind. And of course, you can have extras for your guests - buying them online is a good way to get the best prices.

Think about the wedding venue and whether its going to be a washout if the heavens open. The most romantic outdoor location can become a logistical nightmare when the weather turns, so consider whether you need a contingency plan. Remember than even Harry and Meghan had a choice of carriages in case of bad weather.

If your guests are having to travel distances on foot from the church to the reception, why not have a minibus or coach available. It could be an absolute gift on a muddy day, and people will enjoy getting alongside friends and family piling in to the vehicle for the short journey.

Remember to protect any photographic equipment from the rain by using waterproof cameras or adding a cover designed to keep the technology safely dry. This might be worth a thought if you’ve asked a friend who isn’t a professional to snap your wedding pictures. Keep the valuable films or memory cards safe from wet weather conditions because you won’t be able to get those shots back if they get damaged.

An outdoor canopy or marquee is a great way to ensure shelter from the odd few drops of rain on the day. It may seem like a small gesture, but if there’s a shower you can imagine how people will crowd towards anywhere dry they can perch for a second.

And, of course, waterproof mascara is always going to be a requirement, because even if it doesn’t rain, there are sure to be a few tears - in a good way!

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