After receiving a beautifully crafted wedding invitation, in sets the panic over what to wear, but fear not, our guide is here to help you out! With these six little tips, we can help you in making that vital decision that will make the day extra special:



  1. Check the wedding invite, these days the bride and groom often specify somewhat of a theme, they may want you to attend in colourful clothes, casual or in black tie event attire, so make sure that your chosen outfit is in fitting with their desires!
  1. The golden rule of the wedding guest dress code has always been that you should never wear white. However, these days this is often ignored, particularly with white being the colour of this summer. You just want to make sure that you don’t upstage the bride, so if you decide to opt for a white dress, make sure that the style is quite simple and accessorize with a little pop of colour!
  1. Buy something you’ll wear again. There are often so many dress options when you finally manage to head out in preparation for the big day, if you are stuck between just a few, opt for the dress you would wear again. By choosing something that can be dressed up or dressed down, you’ll get more use out of it, just change up your accessorize and shoes and make use of that lovely dress for the next wedding!
  1. As much as you want to get out your fanciest shoes for a summer wedding, they may not be the most practical footwear, particularly when the venue is situated outdoors! So either opt for something a little more practically pretty, or if not you can always bring along a spare pair of flats for after the pictures have been taken to keep yourself comfortable and be prepared to dance the night away!
  1. Wear something that you feel comfortable in, as much as wedding days are wonderful occasions, they do last for the entire day. Be sure that you will last the day in whatever you are wearing without feeling uncomfortable so that you can make the most of the day!
  1. Our final tip is to add a wedding umbrella to your outfit to ensure that your new favourite dress isn’t caught out in bad weather! Again, this will be a vital element for any outdoor weddings. We have a variety of umbrellas that will look just wonderful in any wedding pictures, so you have no need to worry about any rain ruining the photo fun!