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Weather forecasts predicting the whitest Christmas in six years

This winter is certainly one you will want to be prepared for and you don’t have much time, with weather forecasts predicting that we could be having a wonderfully white Christmas this year!


For those who love the white sheet of snow which covers everything in sight in a glistening blanket for the winter months, this is great news, and it could be coming sooner than you might think! You will have plenty of time to build a snowman and take a long winter walk if the predictions released today are accurate!

Forecasters are predicting that these snowy conditions could begin as soon as six-weeks’

time, and have the potential to last all the way up until February! After seeing snow as late in the year as in both 2015 and 2016, this year may be seeing the snow again very soon that lasts for a lengthy period.

This follows several years of mild and wet winters, so could be quite a shock to those who are not expecting the icy cold that will soon fill the air.

Although this is only a prediction, and only time will tell whether we really will be graced with a white Christmas!

Be prepared with warm winter clothing, strong, durable boots and of course the best black umbrella, because they can protect you from all elements, be it sun, snow or rain!

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