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Breakfast Club: Wedding Breakfast Entertainment Ideas by Jollybrolly

A wedding breakfast can be a daunting thing to both organise and attend. With so many guests, all with differing personalities, it can be hard to know if people will get on with one another. In this instance, it can be a good choice to provide some wedding breakfast entertainment, and we’ve got some great ideas!

If Music Be The Food of Love

Although you want your guests to be chatting away and getting on well, having some divine background music can help add to the atmosphere and elevate the moods of your guests. Traditional couples could opt for a harpist to add some classical romance to the proceedings, or for something a little different try an acoustic folk band for more quirky weddings. Music is also a good backdrop for special wedding moments such as before and after the speeches and a good opportunity for some impromptu dancing to get the party spirit started.

Lay It On The Table

Another great way to break the ice is the inclusion of table top party games to loosen everyone up. Entertainment company Table Tasks create bespoke wedding breakfast games designed to make guests feel at ease. Create your own personalised games that suit the personalities of those at the table, for example, charades for the exhibitionists in the group and perhaps a few rounds of Pictionary for the shy members of your guest-list!

We spoke to Table Task’s founder Lynn Jinks about this idea who says: “Many couples don’t consider wedding breakfast entertainment a priority but this can be one of the most pivotal and essential turning points of their big day. I know from experience as a bride, that organising seating for the wedding breakfast can be daunting. With so many important guests, it can be difficult to know where to place them and how to avoid any awkward silences and stilted conversations. I didn’t want a harp player, a singer or caricaturist because this doesn’t directly involve the guests, there was nothing else on the market. So I created it”.

Talking Heads

The last thing you want to see on your wedding day are tables full of people suffering through very awkward silences. It is true that not everyone will know one another and they may not all get along, however the spirit of the day should inspire some fun and frolics from even the most hard-faced of your distant family!

The most important thing is to get people talking; perhaps try using embarrassing pictures of yourselves as place mats to help encourage some lighthearted laughter, or put some disposable cameras on the table so guests have the chance to make their own fun. Either way, the wedding breakfast should be as memorable as the ceremony, for all the right reasons!

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