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Wedding Cars: Choosing The Perfect Ride

Arriving at your ceremony or reception in style is a great feeling. Whether it’s the classic wedding car or a stretch limo, you and your other half’s grand entrance can be a great memory. Here we take a look at the most popular styles of wedding car and how to pimp your ride!

Traditional Cars

If you’re planning a church wedding or have more classic taste then perhaps the Bramwith is for you. Reminiscent of the roaring 1920s, it simmers with upmarket elegance and traditional style. This car is particularly good for country manor weddings or for couples who are going for something sleek with an old-fashioned glamour.

Similarly, the Rolls Royce Silver Cloud brings sophistication and class presented in a streamlined shape with a fashionable brand name to boot.

The Limousine is another traditional choice and has long been one of the most popular selections for a wedding car and, although seen as a somewhat cheesy choice nowadays, its timeless flair and comfort make it a good choice for many.

Contemporary Cars

For the more modern couple looking for something sleek, the Mercedes S Class is a great choice. The brand is well-known and prestigious so will be a surefire hit with guests as well as having the comfort factor, an important aspect if you want to remain calm and tranquil before you get to your venue.

Another modern choice that is sure to make jaws drop is the Porche Panamera, an attractive and chic car that is both aesthetically beautiful and has a lot of power, perfect for pleasing brides and grooms alike.

Weird & Wonderful Cars

If you’re looking for an entrance that is a little more eye-catching and memorable, try thinking outside the box for your wedding car. Perhaps a decorated Tuk Tuk – the hop-on Indian transport method – would be a great talking point upon your arrival. With a cute and funky look it is great for chilled-out couples who want something a little less flashy but a little more inventive.

If you want to really arrive in quintessential British style, the classic London bus is available from some car-hire companies. This is an excellent choice for patriotic couples or perhaps a mod/punk wedding, adding an unforgettable style and offering amazing photo opportunities.

Whatever your budget, there is a wedding car to suit it as well as your personality as a couple. With a variety of options it’s possible to tailor the style of your arrival in a manner that keeps with the overall theme of the wedding and ensures your entrance is a memorable one.

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