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Having trouble with your wedding colour scheme? This may help you!

You might think that choosing your wedding colour scheme is as simple as picking your two favourite colours and adding them to everything; however, it can be a bit more complicated than that. Here are some tips to help sort out any colour problems you may be experiencing:

Get inspired by your surroundings

Many start with the location of their wedding in the planning process. However, it’s a good idea to have a colour palette in mind when you start the hunt for your venue. Think about what kind of colours you would like to use and whether you would like to prioritise the perfect venue or the perfect colour scheme. In some cases, you are going to have to adapt the colours to the venue, for example, if you have chosen a beach wedding you will want to work with colours that work with your background rather than clash.

Think seasonally

Just like your wardrobe, your wedding colour scheme should be inspired by the time of year you're planning on tying the knot. Think about what shades you can use to bring out the season in your colour palette. For spring, opt for a rosy pink, while summer months can have a brighter, more vibrant, coral. Autumn can be richer and darker tones of pinks or reds, while in winter it is best to go for blues and silvers. However don't just shy away from colours that you love because they don't fit into the season. The trick is to concentrate on texture and experimenting with a much stronger accent colour.

Set the mood

Your overall wedding colours will ultimately create the vibe of the day. If you are going for a lot of drama then head down the dark and jewel tone palette such a ruby reds, emeralds, navy blue and golds. Lighter colours such as pastels, creams and whites will give a much lighter and whimsical feel.

You will want to incorporate the colour within the decorations in your venue, or your accessories like wedding umbrellas, as well as in the dress code of the wedding party.

Look at what you love

Overall the colours that inspire you should be the colours for your wedding. Look around your home and see what palettes you happily live with day-to-day to inspire your wedding colour theme.

Do your research

Magazines, other people's weddings and Pinterest are all great sources of colour inspiration. Try not to lose yourself while looking through these sources; it is very easy to pick a colour scheme as it's on trend at the moment but when you look back it may not be as trendy as you first thought.

Consult the colour wheel

You don’t need an art degree to be able to pick great colours for your wedding, but there are some principles to keep in mind. Typically, colours that complement each other are colours that sit opposite each other on the colour wheel, because of the pairing of a warm and cool tone. For example, for a vibrant wedding option, you can pick orange and sky blue, or turquoise and coral. Neighbouring colours also tend to work well as they share a primary colour, and this is an option many couples will choose. A classic way to build your palette is by pairing up a really bright colour with a more muted and natural colour, for example, violet and grey and blush pink and gold.

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