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How to Make Your Wedding More Cost Effective for Your Guests

When either your best friend or sibling are getting married there is no problem with taking a few days off work, splashing out on a new outfit and buying a meaningful gift, but when it's someone's sixth wedding of the summer it can be harder to spare the cash!


So, while you are already raiding your savings for your own day, there are a few little extras that you can add that will make a big difference to your guests that will be able to make it more cost effective for them too.

Dress Code

While every bride wants a black or white tie dress code as its classic and very fancy, a lot of guests might have to buy a new outfit entirely or rent something out. If you are having more of a relaxed wedding then possibly consider your guests' bank balance and offer more of a casual dress code which will be a lot more accessible for your guests. This dress code will more than likely make your guests feel happier and more relaxed in their outfits too. Also, remember to provide cheap umbrellas for guests, in case the weather turns.

Meal Times

On a few occasions, wedding guests have had to spend money on room service or take out after a wedding because there just wasn't enough to go round. If your wedding is looking like it's going to long into the night consider having a snack bar, nothing fancy and expensive but party food platters and pizzas that guests who have had a little too much to drink would be craving before turning in for the night. Doing this won't add much onto your budget but will be appreciated a lot by your nearest and dearest.

At the Bar

Some weddings are fortunate enough to have an open bar for their guests, these are hard to come across as normally a few drinks are offered during cocktail hour or at dinner and then a cash bar is opened up for guests. This is all fair enough but if you have some guests travelling a lot further to spend your special day with you, or are staying over several nights, maybe do your best to provide them with a few extra drinks, it will be a generous touch and they will be very appreciative.


It’s completely up to you if you decide to have children at your wedding, but if you decide not to it's important to remember that it may be an added expense for your guests who will need to cover childcare. Whether you organise for a group sitter to look after a bunch of kids in a single location or to include them in any next-day brunches and BBQ’s to alleviate the expense of child-minding. Any of these choices will be greatly appreciated by any parents attending the wedding.


This is the big one, try to be considerate when you are selecting the accommodation for your guests if you are having an out of town wedding. If you have decided on a fancy hotel for the reception contact a few local and cheaper hotels and B&Bs to offer to your guests which will give them a more affordable option and include them with your information cards or on your wedding website.

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