You know your other half loves you JUST the way you are (to quote Bridget Jones) but your wedding day is assuredly one of the most special days of your life and wanting to look your best is entirely normal – even if that may be a few pounds lighter.

So as our previous weight loss post proved popular, and if you do want to lighten yourself by a few pounds or so, today we’re not going to talk about macros or water (recap that post here), today we’re talking about GI – not Joe, but Index.

If you’re looking to lose a few pounds for your wedding but the thought of starving all day whilst struggling on a diet is too much to bare, you might want to consider basing your food choice on the GI – or Glycemic Index.

What is the Glycemic Index?

The Glycemic Index is a score out of 100 awarded to foods based on how they effect your blood glucose levels – or blood sugar. Pure glucose has a GI of 100, meaning it has the biggest effect on our blood sugar. Broadly speaking, if you eat a high GI food, your blood sugar will rise by a lot and quickly, giving you a “sugar high” of sorts as sugar floods your system in large quantities. What this also means is that you are likely to crash pretty quickly too leaving you feeling tired and low – and in need of more food.

Get Low

Low GI foods keep us fuller for longer as they enter our bloodstream more slowly and thus for a longer duration. Therefore a low GI diet works on lowering cravings as GI dieters only get hungry when they’re out of food – not when they’re coming down from an influx of sugar.

Low GI Foods

Low GI foods include porridge, vegetables, sourdough breads, some fruits and some pastas. Some red herrings to note are that watermelon and dates have a high GI value, as do french baguettes and bagels. No food group is unanimously low GI! Although for Nutella lovers it’s good news as its GI is only 33/100.

It’s silly trying to list all the available low GI foods, so a comprehensive list of foods and their precise GI score out of 100 is available here and there are numerous resources available on using the GI of foods as a diet guide too. 

What You Didn’t Know

Something you probably didn’t know about the GI, is that the Glycemic Index focuses on sugar only and not fat – but fat actually has a very low GI value! So fatty foods will keep you fuller for longer too.

Additionally, you can also mix foods to lower their GI value. So for example, if you have a piece of white bread which is a high GI but you put butter on it, which is a high fat, low GI food, the butter will lower the overall GI value of the meal.

Planning a wedding is super stressful, and dieting on top of it all is only going to make it more of a painful experience than a pleasurable one. If you can use the Glycemic Index to stay fuller for longer and lose the pounds you want without having to suffer for it, you’ll be looking your best for your wedding day before you know it!