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What’s in a Wedding? Facts and Figures of UK Weddings

If you’re getting hitched and wondering what statistic you fit into, this week’s blog is for you.  We are looking at some top facts and figures about weddings and marriage, with information courtesy of, to see what weddings are like in the 21st century.

The Ring

Engagement and wedding rings are seen as a symbol of everlasting love and lifelong commitment.  The traditional styles and metals used have given way to a huge variety of usable materials, making it easy for bride and groom to choose something that really represents them as a couple.  A massive 47% of couples chose to use white gold for their wedding bands, signalling that the long-lasting and not-too-expensive metal is proving more popular than platinum which came second with 28% of the vote, leaving the traditional gold rings at just 11%.

When it comes to choosing their own ring, 36% of women prefer to pick their own wedding and engagement bands, rather than letting their other half surprise them.  One in six brides were disappointed with their hubby’s choice of ring, even though they were given strict instructions regarding style.  24% of men went so far as to say that ring shopping is more stressful than the wedding day itself, with one in eight grooms leaving unhappy with what they had bought.  So take time to choose – 2% of men took up to three months selecting the perfect jewellery for their new spouse!

The Theme

When it comes to deciding upon a theme for your wedding, it is important to pick something both parties feel comfortable with.  Perhaps choose a theme symbolising something you both enjoy – outdoorsy beach types may like a tropical luau style, whereas indie couples would enjoy a DIY hipster wedding with mismatched décor.  In spite of the multitude of ideas out there, 36% of couples prefer a traditional wedding though, with classic elements such as a church, top table, white dress and speeches.

The hipster revival among the younger generations has led to a lot of love for vintage-style weddings with a shabby chic theme.  A quarter of people questioned wanted to go for this theme which can be easy to achieve using DIY techniques and quirky or unusual design ideas.  13% opted for a country garden theme, lovely for British summertime and great for pleasing young and old alike, whereas the least favourite was a rustic wedding, gaining just 11% of the vote.

The Date

With 52 weeks, seven days and four seasons to choose from, it is no surprise that weddings take place at every point during the year.  Having said that, there are specific trends that many couples follow in order to have the perfect wedding at the perfect time of year.  Summer weddings are most popular with 42% of marriages taking place from July to September.  Just 8% of couples choose to wed during December and January possibly due to the expensive nature of the festive season, however winter weddings can be stunningly romantic.

Saturday is predictably the most popular day for the ceremony, getting 57.5%, as most people do not work weekends, plus Sunday is the perfect recovery day!  Weekday weddings seem wholly unpopular, with Tuesday receiving the lowest vote – this may suggest that booking your wedding on a weekday could be decidedly cheaper and great if you want an intimate day with just close friends and family.

Do you recognise yourself in any of these statistics, or are you one of the small percentages who chose to have an alternative wedding off the grid?  Let us know your wedding plans and whether you fit into these facts and figures.

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