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Making Your Wedding Day Stand Out for Less this Season

The economy is growing, but so is the cost of a wedding. And wallets are becoming ever lighter for the simple pleasure of saying “I do” with loved ones. This post is a bit of a shameless plug we’ll admit, but wedding umbrellas have proven themselves a cost-effective way of making a unique and lasting wedding memory for your guests – and we’ve got the lowdown on just how they do it.

Centre Pieces

Using umbrellas as centrepieces forms a  talking point among guests and looks wonderful. Don’t believe us? Take a quick glance around the social media platform Pinterest – you’ll see numerous examples of umbrellas being turned upside down and filled with flowers or lights to illuminate a reception venue. It costs little, is a unique talking point and really does look great. The shape of an umbrella and its material mean the finished piece can look beautiful with light shone through it too should you be after a more ethereal effect.

Weather Insurance

If you’re getting married in the UK and looking for a dry wedding day, first of all you need to read this. Second of all, you need brollies on stand by. As far as wet weather contingency goes, wedding umbrellas are one of the cheaper ways to guard against rain on your wedding day. Plus they make for some fabulous photos as we elaborate on below.

Branding Your Day

Whether you give your guests a branded wedding umbrella as a wedding favour or you brand them in anticipation of rain, these prove a real talking point. Not many people brand something so useful as an umbrella on their wedding day, and it can mean your wedding date lives in the memory – and homes – of your guests as a memento for years to come and whenever a bit of drizzle dares dampen the sky.

Framing Your Photos

With busy backgrounds, people and elements of wedding photos can often get lost in the mix. You may not think it but umbrellas provide a wonderful frame, centering the photo on where it’s supposed to be – the bride and groom. Again, look around our Pinterest feed for some umbrella-themed wedding photo ideas.

Colour Coordination

Lastly, we frequently see pictures of umbrellas in wedding photos that colour coordinate with the bride, groom or bridesmaids. In particular, photos with the groom and his groomsmen and the bride and her bridesmaids using umbrellas to both frame and enhance photos can make for truly memorable pictures of the event.

In summary, whether for weather insurance, wedding memories or favours, branding your big day or enhancing your photos – umbrellas can make your day stand out for your guests for all the right reasons and for very little money. So if saving money whilst making a statement with YOUR day is a priority, look no further than the humble brolly.

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