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A Century Young: A Hundred Years of Wedding Dress Fashion

This enchanting video will take 3 minutes and 8 seconds of your time – and we promise you it’s worth it! With over 7million views we’ve done nothing if reaffirmed the world’s love of weddings… and wedding gown fashion.

With almost 7.5million views, the video takes us through 100 years – and 10 delicious decades – of beautiful wedding fashion. Watch it and do let us know on Facebook and Twitter which decade you liked best - for us, it was the Audrey Hepburn-esque structured dress of the 1960’s. A description of each decade's top fashion is below.

Loose fitting, demure and complete with bonnet! This dress design of the decade was delicate yet somewhat stifling we imagine.

Rep lipstick and pearls, pearls pearls! Long white silk gloves and bare shoulders delivered a slightly more risqué design than its predecessor in 1915. Ankles were on show too.

Ann Boleyn eat your heart out! An overcoat of sorts, long veil, lots of lace and one completely covered up bride to be.

When puffy shoulders came… and thankfully, went. Long sleeves, plain material and far less lace than 1935! Pretty, slightly plain and poised was the 1945 wedding dress style.

The era of patterns! Lace flowers languidly falling over a skirt held outwards by a corset type contraption… not terribly comfortable we imagine, but extremely beautiful nonetheless. A bow on the back and a hat on the head to finish it off too.

Our favourite! Hair in a stylish and timeless up-do, shoulders bare and waist brought in with the dress flowing long and finished with a bright pink lip. Delicate, textured and frankly fabulous!

A flower headband, loose fitting dress and some wild flowers for a bouquet with loose flowing hair – you guessed it, welcome to the 70s.

It doesn’t get better than 80’s music. And with bold makeup, bold shoulder pads and a lot of layering you can’t mistake 80’s bridal fashion either!

Classic lines and off the shoulder was the overriding trend of the 90’s with a clean and picture-perfect design.

We get sensual and slimline in the 2000’s with a simple dress, elegant and drawn into the body.

And so we come to the current day, and the end of our century! Plunging necklines, and a coveted combination of lace and delicate materials make up the wedding dress of the moment.

Which is your favourite decade? Do let us know on Facebook and Twitter.

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