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Ring, Ring! Jollybrolly’s Top Wedding Ring Trivia

As rings go, they don’t get more important than the engagement ring! Some brides have no idea what they are getting whereas others choose it themselves, but why do we wear them in the first place? We’ve got some top engagement and wedding ring trivia this week to give you a clue as to why the ring is so important to contemporary culture.

What’s in a Ring?

Engagement and wedding rings are traditionally made from gold or silver due to their long-lasting nature and pretty aesthetic. Up to seventeen tonnes of gold are used to make wedding rings in the US alone with 70% of brides wearing it on the fourth finger of the left hand. It used to be widely-believed that a vein in the ring finger led directly to the heart, making it a romantic apocrophyl tale that many people enjoy today.

When it comes to what jewels should be used for wedding rings, there are a range of different choices. Traditionally, sapphire and aquamarine are both symbols of marital happiness and longevity, whereas pearls are discouraged as they resemble the shape of a tear. Victorians used to give engagement rings in the shape of a snake with ruby eyes as the joining of head and tail around the finger symbolised the everlasting circle of love.

Who Wears What?

Women are most likely to wear both their engagement and weddings rings permanently, whereas men may choose not to wear their ring in daily life. Whilst society nowadays does not put too much weight on whether the man wears his ring, back in World War II most men chose to don theirs as a keepsake for their wife should they die in battle. It was also a strong connection to life back home which could help remind soldiers of what waited for them upon their return.

Two thirds of brides opt for a traditional diamond set in gold or silver, which is a trend that was made popular in 15th century Venice as a way for the rich and powerful to show off their future betrothal. One of the earliest known engagement rings was given to a two-year-old Princess Mary who was Henry VIII’s daughter.

Biggest Rings Ever

In modern times, wedding rings have become larger and larger, with many celebrities looking to blind the paparazzi with their massive jewels. But the large wedding ring trend was around long before today’s celebs. Priscilla Presley, wife of the legendary Elvis, sported a 3 ½ carat stone with a detachable row of diamonds, proving that they were indeed the original power couple – eat your heart out Kimye!

Anna Kournikova’s engagement ring from singer Enrique Iglesias is 11 carats with an assumed worth of over $2million dollars, however that is dwarfed by Kim Kardashian West’s rock which is rumoured to be worth up to $8million. Modern celeb couples may think they have the best of the best, but leave it to the classic screen sirens to top them all. Legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor, who was married several times and twice to the same man, received an 33 carat ring from love of her life Richard Burton, which is thought to be worth $8.8million!

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