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Wedding Entrances To End All Others

You can’t beat a bit of wedding research on YouTube – and we’ve got some brilliant videos for you today! A traditional trudge down the aisle to The Wedding March is positively eclipsed by this selection of innovative, brilliant and hilarious set of entrances.

Love As Rare As A Unicorn

One gay couple tying the knot recently made it into TIME Magazine with their entrance. Rather than a traditional walk, they made a splash with their entrances by arriving on unicorn jet skis! See the video here:

An Epic Journey

We must have watched this at least five times – it’s truly brilliant. This couple cut to a video for their wedding entrance… the video starts with some romantic pre-wedding photos. The couple realise they’re short on time and hijack a golf buggy first of all in a rush to get to their destination. Next, they run past a theme park – and the bride-to-be simply cannot resist a quick game or two. The husband dutifully waits… and waits… and waits until she returns with an array of soft toys which are promptly abandoned in their renewed rush. Running becomes tiresome, so they knock over a man on a skateboard to speed things up a bit. Next is a train track, and a swim in the ocean! The couple dive in all their wedding attire, ruining their clothes. So of course, an immediate trip to the launderette is needed to dry off. A short read of a women’s magazine – for the groom of course – and a more manly version for the bride means they’re ready to go again. They hitch a ride with a rather eccentric driver, stop off for a quick McDonalds and run in a dramatic slow motion clip – whilst devouring their snacks.

Finally, they arrive at the venue, smarten up and voila! Enter the venue for real.

It is positively epic. Watch the five minute masterpiece here:

Zip It

This couple made us chuckle with their speedy entrance to their wedding. They cruise in on a zip-line – very Mission Impossible!


Hopefully their marriage will not endure the same fate as their entrance’s namesake! As our final video, watch this couple enter their wedding venue in a true Jack and Kate inspired pose from the movie Titanic – excellent fun! Watch it here.

So if the wedding march seems somewhat of a boring prospect now…we hope one of these ideas tickles your fancy!

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