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How to Plan an Event Without Losing Your Head

Weddings are just one of the many events we are expected to either attend or throw in our lives. With birthdays, weddings, religious celebrations and seasonal events all calling for a massive party, it’s no surprise that event planning has been proven to be one of the most stressful jobs. For the novice though, it can be even worse! So how do you take the headache out of planning your big event?

Have a Vision

What kind of event do you want to throw? Having a proper vision of what you want to achieve from your event will help you streamline your ideas into a productive process, making the whole experience a lot less stressful. There are many themes to consider for each type of event; for most of them the important questions to ask include:
• Will it be an indoor or outdoor affair?
• What atmosphere would you like to create, i.e., sophisticated and glamorous, colourful and fun or romantic and intimate?
• How can you achieve the event you want whilst still maintaining a realistic budget?

Answering all these questions takes a lot of research and planning if you’re event is to go off without a hitch. Looking at the project as a whole can be an imtimidating prospect, so it is adviseable to break it down into more manageable sub-projects in order to better achieve overall success. Look at the event in sections such as: Guest List, Venue, Decorations, Food and Drink and work outwards to create a whole picture.

Don’t Be Afraid of Messing Up

It is very unlikely that your event will go off without a hitch so do not expect the world. Most people who work in the event planning business are perfectionists, but even they realise that some things are bound to go wrong on the big day. Whether it be mis-booked artists, problems with the venue, staff being late or no-shows or even the happy couple of the wedding you’re planning deciding to call it a day! There are no end of problems so the trick is to try and avoid as many as possible, however embrace the chaos and try your best to fix any issues that do arise on the day.

Research is Key!

During the stressful planning process, it can be very easy to pick the first florist, DJ or caterer that comes along who is remotely within your budget, but research is key! There are hundreds of thousands of people out there who are available to work at your event but some may put in more effort than others. It is so important to do your research to minimise your chances of anything going wrong. Read testimonials, not just from the company but through third party review sites such as Trip Advisor, to glean a more accurate view of the services provided.

For instance, you may pay top dollar for a photographer thinking you will get the full service, however when it comes to the day he/she could tell you they only take the pictures, they don’t produce, bind and mail them to you! This information may not have been made obvious via the initial company… but Trip Advisor could have told you within minutes.

Enjoy Yourself

Often, the event planner is running around doing a million things when it comes to the actual day. However much stress is caused through the planning and indeed during the event, you must remember the reasons you decided to throw this birthday party, wedding, bat mitzvah or whatever it may be and take some pleasure in the joy you have given to your guests! Of course it’s going to be stressful, but the ends will hopefully outweigh the means. Remember, there are things you can control such as theme, guest list and food, but there are other aspects way beyond your control like guest behaviour, unexpected illness and the weather. Jollybrolly aren’t bouncers or doctors, but we can definitely help you with the last one! Get in touch to find out how we can help you with your big event.

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