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Wedding Favours: Great Ways To Give Back To Your Guests

It may be your big day, but doing something special to thank your guests for sharing such a monumental moment of your life is a touching and generous tribute. Here, we take a look at wedding favours and how to give a little back to your guests.

The Perfect Package

There are a variety of options when it comes to packaging your gifts from durable boxes to dainty bags. A quick search online reveals a huge array of shapes, sizes and colours available, making whatever you go for easy to coordinate with the theme of your wedding.

• If you want to give your gifts at the reception, why not try matching the colours of your bags or boxes with your floral displays or centerpieces?
• If you are on a smaller budget, or want to add a more personal touch for your friends and family, buying plain bags and decorating them yourself is a quirky idea. Any art and crafts shop will sell a multitude of beads, sequins, ribbons and feathers making this a great option for creative couples who love the idea of thinking outside the box by making their own.

What’s Inside?

Deciding what goes in your wedding favours depends on what you fancy:

• Firstly, the gifts can be in keeping with the theme of your wedding, giving guests something that will recreate the atmosphere of the day with every use.
• For more traditional themes, couples can use scented candles which can be colour-coordinated with the rest of the décor, or small jars of perfume or aftershave.
• For more colorful and unusual wedding themes, adding retro sweets to gift bags can be a fun and funky touch, as well as small stuffed toys.
• Keyrings are a good choice for any theme as they can be bought in bulk and you can choose a symbol that represents your wedding or yourselves as a couple.
• Photo frames are also a nice touch as they can be kept and enjoyed for years to come.
• We also suggest a customised umbrella as a cute choice; we offer a range of colours and styles to suit any wedding.

Guest Appeal

Although you have been planning meticulously to make sure your wedding is a wonderful and special occasion for you and your spouse-to-be, it’s important to remember the guests who have travelled to be with you. With many newlywed couples happy to accept wedding gifts, it seems only fair to give something back in order to make sure the people who love you feel loved, even on your big day.

Creating these take-home memories can also be a great experience for you and your partner and help to make sure you both create something special and personal.

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