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Wedding Gift Ideas For Your Guests

Have you thought yet about the gifts you might like to give your wedding guests on the day. Maybe this hasn’t even crossed your mind yet.

After all, you’ve had a lot to think about - not least your all-important wedding list and then things you’ll want to set up home with. But what about the thank you gifts for the special people who will have worked so hard on the wedding day for you.

And what about those loved ones who brought your and your lucky spouse into the world in the first place. They would value something special too. Here are just a few ideas.

If you want to give everyone a gift, or you're looking for something light-hearted and fun for ushers and bridesmaids, how about key rings styled in your wedding theme as giveaways on the day. It’ll be something useful they can keep to remember you, and - well, who doesn’t need a keyring?!

Another potential gift is a picture frame. This could be suited to parents of the bride or groom, who are likely to be grateful to have a memorable shot of the happy couple to keep on their wall or the shelf. If you also find a meaningful photo that fits the frame, you’ll have a definite winning gift.

However, if you’re looking for a gift for bridesmaids or ushers, bear in mind, they might not be so excited about having pictures of you around the house. You might want to think again.

How about personalised umbrellas? Especially if you’re planning an outdoor wedding or reception where weather might possibly be an issue, having a supply of branded umbrellas with your wedding colours or your names on them could be an excellent and practical way to handle the question of wedding favours. it’s unusual too, which is great if all your friends got married this year. 

On the same theme of personalised goods, it’s possible to get wine labels with your wedding details printed on them, which is excellent for pretending you have your own personal vineyard. That kind of gift is quirky and will raise a smile, as well as giving your guests a glass of something to look forward to.

But, hey. Even if you just go with flowers, saying thanks to your special guests on your wedding day is a good way to establish good friends and relations from day one of your married life.

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