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Top Tips For Styling Your Wedding Hair

If you don’t normally get to pamper yourself with hair and beauty, it’s exciting to think that you could have your own stylist on your wedding day! It’s a significant occasion that you’ll remember your whole life of course, but - hey! it’s also a moment for the limelight. You’ll be treated like royalty, with a photo shoot that will carry through into generations... so it's essential that you have the perfect hair, whether you hire a professional or get some help from a friend. Your hair is going to be one of the things they talk about after the event. Consider your options before the big day and make sure you know exactly what style you want.

Of course, you can go for the traditional ‘updo’ which is the familiar and classic style for brides... but you don’t have to! Get your hair into great condition before the wedding day with quality products that keep it healthy and shiny. Have a trim a few weeks before to keep any split ends at bay. Then you can wear it loose, bohemian and romantic, or slicked back and demure, with just the odd loose curl for drama. You could even add a flower garland, with colours that match your colour themed accessories, from your wedding umbrella to your bridesmaids' dresses.

If your hair is coloured, plan to get this refreshed before your big day, so that you’re not checking your roots while you’re putting on your wedding dress. If you’re going for a style or colour change it’s worth considering this well in advance so you can get used to it and feel comfortable with your new look.

A top professional tip for softer hair on the day is to add just a tiny spot of oil to the mousse you use. Give it a go. You’ll want to fix your style before you get out in the elements, with the weather and the wind and the confetti, so use some quality hairspray. If you can go for hair products with less alcohol they have a less drying effect on the moisture in your hair.

You should definitely have a hair rehearsal where you decide exactly what products and styling you’re going to go for, so there are no last minute indecisions on the day. It’s a day to remember, so make sure you have hair to remember for all the right reasons too!

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