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Wedding Ideas To Look Out For In 2018

Wedding decorations are getting more sophisticated every year, but the great news is that you don’t have to buy the top of the range versions to get the same effect. Have a look at the top trends and then replicate them within your own price range.

Here are some examples of the kind of wedding ideas that won’t cost the earth and we reckon are going to get seriously popular in 2018.

First, here’s one we think you'll love if you're not a fan of the traditional wedding cake. Fill a whole table with different kinds of cakes, and your guests will not only be able to choose their favourite flavour, you’ll also have an eye-catching visual design to brighten up your reception and photos. Go to town with a great big, luxuriously extravagant chocolate cake, together with a rainbow of cupcakes cascading on a cake stand, or some beautiful petits fours for those with a more refined taste. Everyone will remember your wedding as the one with all those amazing cakes on offer!

So, still on the subject of food as obviously its one of the most important parts, an easy way to keep your guests satisfied and add a contemporary twist to the traditional wedding breakfast, is to hire the services of a street food caterer who can serve guests from their van and let everyone choose what they’d like - sausage sandwiches, kebabs, burgers or hotdogs. If you’re having a summer wedding it’s a great idea, which could be really cost effective too. Who doesn't love street food?!

Now, what about the flowers. Often floral arrangements the unexpectedly expensive part of the day because people go for professionally grown blooms in costly designs. But if you can get hold of some homegrown flowers instead, then get creative with your colours - multicolours and contrasts and complementary tones and scattered petals. Dahlias are a great example of a flower that’s easily and cheaply sourced but not usually used in weddings. Choose colours that will 'pop' against the fabric of your bridesmaid dresses, and remember that classically romantic rose petals are always going to suit any wedding, whether scattered on the floor or strewn on the top tables.

Finally, why not save all those months of having to book ahead and working on synchronising your plans with an expensive venue, and go for someone's back garden instead. You can have some matching wedding umbrellas on hand in case of a sudden downpour, and the money you save could more than makeup for the low budget feel. If you don’t know of anyone with a big enough garden, think about friends with gates onto a green public space. We think this is likely to be an increasingly popular option. So set the trend.

Experiment and make your 2018 wedding a truly contemporary celebration.

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