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Having a Wedding on a National Holiday… Acceptable or Not?

Planning a wedding around the holidays can be super fun and exciting for you and your guests, however, you might have to be careful which holidays you pick as some are a clear no go.


Bank Holiday weddings can be a good shout! The three-day weekend gives you the advantage to having a Sunday wedding, and guests won't have to use the ‘I’ve got work on Monday’ line. These holidays also work great for anyone travelling from out of town, as they get another full day to return back home or nurse those post-wedding hangovers!

Holidays like New Year's Eve, Fourth Of July and Halloween are great for couples who are looking to create their wedding around a certain theme and it is more than likely the guests will be in a mood to celebrate along with you. However, there can be some big obstacles to consider when it comes to holiday weddings.

The first hurdle you will have to face is that vendors are in high demand for certain holidays. While you may be thinking that a wedding on Valentine's Day may sound very romantic, securing your ideal venue, florist, and Band / DJ at that time may result in being rather difficult. Another aspect to be aware of is that hotel rates on some holidays can be a fair bit more expensive than other times of the year, which may result in the overall number guests attending to decline.

Bigger Holidays such as Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving (If you have any American friends or family) are probably dates to avoid! These are times of the year where people already have their own plans in place. These are big holidays where your guests will want to spend time with their own families and loved ones and it may come across a bit rude if you are wanting them to choose between their own personal celebrations and your wedding, so just bare that all in mind.

As will all wedding dates, you'll also need to consider what the weather is like at that particular time of year, this may help you decide on a theme and colour scheme, as well as giving you a chance to prepare any necessary extra, such as blankets and white umbrellas if the weather is likely to be cold and wet!

If you are choosing to have a holiday weekend wedding then make sure you give your guests plenty of notice and also send out your ‘save the dates’ out at least 8 months in advance to get the best chance of a near full attendance.

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