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On Trend: Compare Your Wedding to The Current Average

One of our favourite wedding resources from across The Atlantic is the fabulous online publication, The Knot. With a huge audience of newlyweds and soon-to-be-weds, their surveys are a force to be reckoned with – and we’ve got the results from one of their recent ones about ALL things wedding.

Facts and Figures

- The average cost of a wedding, excluding the cost of the honeymoon, is now a staggering £20,500. And with honeymoon’s regularly costing in excess of £5,000… this is a huge amount of money couples now need to save in order to get the wedding day of their dreams.

- The average age for the groom is 31 whereas the average age for the bride is 29. There’s knot much in it (pun intended)!

- The most popular month in which to get engaged is December (perhaps it has something to do with the festive spirit and cheer that’s in abundance) and the average length of an engagement is just over one year, coming in at a very pleasant 14 months, offering adequate preparation time.

- One for the brides; the average cost of a wedding dress is just under £900.

Trends and Tendency’s

- With weddings becoming more and more expensive and nearly half of couples going over budget, the bride’s parents are contributing 43% of the cost with the bride and groom contributing 43% and the groom’s parents contributing 12%. More of this budget is now going on the reception over the ceremony too.

- As with most things in the technological age we’re living in, smartphones are playing a bigger part than ever when it comes to planning our weddings with 61% of us visiting a wedding planning website.

- Nearly half of us are looking for a wedding venue that offers our event a unique slant. Banquet halls (22%), hotels (11%) and country clubs (also 11%) are some of the more popular chosen types of venue.

Other findings to come out of the study include an increase in Save the Dates’ designed to accommodate guest’s ever-busy lives by getting invites out early. June and October also, scored highest when discussing the most popular months to get married in.

Do Me a Favour

With a decrease in what couples are looking to spend on wedding favours, perhaps one of our wedding umbrellas could do the job – with every budget catered for in our selection, including those at the lower end. Not only can they work as custom gifts, then can also keep yourself and your guests dry on the big day too…whilst leaving more money for dress!

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